«NARHOZSTROY» company was founded in 1994.
  • 1. Own production.
  • 2. More than 20 years of experience in the market allows us to fulfill orders beginning from design to construction of projects.
  • 3. The quality of our products conforms to international standards.
  • 4. We are ready to cooperate in the implementation of individual projects.
  • 5. We have our own carpentry shop and paint and varnish production.
  • 1. As raw materials we buy softwood lumber (pine, spruce, cedar, larch) exclusively from environmentally friendly northern winter timber harvesting regions of the country. Northern timber is much denser, severe frosts and long winter slow down the movement of juice in the trunk of growing tree during the year, as a result the density of the fibers increases.
  • 2. The material is selected by strict requirements; each board is verified by the geometrical dimensions, moisture index.
  • 3. In the Spring-Autumn period the harvesting is necessarily treated with decay preservatives using dipping method, this is done in order to eliminate the negative impact on the tree.
  • 4. Material is stored at special warehouses where the necessary temperature and humidity is constantly maintained.
  • 5. We use one of the best for today Italian drying complex "Incoplan". Capacity of two drying chambers is 240 cubic meters, wood moisture here drops to 10-12%. The whole drying process is automated; humidity, temperature and air circulation is controlled by computer upon the set program. A technical specialist on drying chambers remotely fully controls the wood drying process.
  • 6. Our shop on manufacture of laminated board is equipped with an automatic humidification system that is one of the basic conditions for its functioning.
  • 7. The mandatory condition of the technology compliance is stress relief, the length of the workpiece to be glued shall not exceed one meter.
  • 8. We use the latest achievements of the company AkzoNobel (Sweden). We are using the equipment produced by this company.
  • 9. The production process is fully automated.
  • 10. The glue meets the highest quality standards in the field of manufacturing materials that are in direct contact with food products.
  • 11. The production is controlled by material and premise humidity change sensors, temperature sensor, speed and glue pressure sensors.
  • 12. We constantly carry out quality verification of our products and compliance with technologies in laboratory of the company AkzoNobel (Sweden).
Production of ready-cut homes::
  • 1. We are ready to supply product kits that allow to produce the final product at customer’s option.
  • 2. Timber working accuracy is 0, 5 mm.
  • 3. The varnish JRM (Finland), company Teknos, is used for timber working. This allows us to obtain products that are protected from natural effects: the material is not affected by moisture and cracking.

Sales Manager: Genadij Korostelev
Tel: +7 495 978 96 58
Email: korostelev@narhozstroy.ru
Web site: www.narhzstroy.ru